Monday, October 6, 2014

Next Meeting November 1!

On Oct. 4 the Capital Tarot Society had a lively discussion on “Tarot and the Law of Attraction: Making Your Wishes Come True.” We discussed the idea that thoughts and energy help to create our reality.

We discussed how to raise our vibrational energy through a variety of means ranging from art to exercise to meditating on tarot cards. We also discussed how tarot can be used to help you uncover your blocks to manifestation. A resource sheet was distributed that included a list of Law of Attraction tarot decks and an e-book, among other resources. We ended by doing a Law of Attraction spread designed to help us uncover and manifest our wishes.

It was super fun but also very informative and enriching - big thanks to our awesome October presenter!

Next month's meeting will be on November 1 and we will enjoy a timely presentation on the Day of the Dead.  Day of the Dead is NOT Halloween and is for many an occasion of great spiritual significance.  We're all excited to learn about this holiday's cross-disciplinary influence on Tarot.

But before that, we are looking forward to our October 25th psychic shop field trip!