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Services, Classes and Products by Society Members

Arcana Stones - Perform your own tarot divination with crystals

Business Class Tarot - A modern Tarot deck, for businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking greater success

Brian Ekeland, Intuitive - Readings, past life regressions, remote viewing, and mediumship

Elite Tarot - Readings in person, by Skype or by phone, events, and business consultation using the tarot

The Spiritual Tarot - Classes, instructional materials and more

Tim's Tarot - Private tarot consultations, speaking engagements and teaching in Virginia

Woven Psyche - Classes on tarot, meditation, aromatherapy and magic; tarot readings and parties throughout the DC area

Find a Reader Through CTS's Reader Directory
Contact CTS at to be matched with a reader that is right for you.  CTS readers are available to perform in-person readings in the Washington, D.C. Metrpolitan area, and many are also available to perform readings via Skype, phone or e-mail for those outside the Washington Metro area.  Please include any information you think would be helpful, such as gender preference if you have one, if you are seeking a reader with special skills, whether you are looking for an in-home visit, Budget/price range, whether you are seeking a reader for a private reading or for an event, etc.

*CTS provides referrals only.  CTS does not accept liability or responsibility for, nor do we guarantee, services provided to you by the CTS reader to whom you have been referred.  The readers listed in CTS's reader directory are not employees of CTS.  CTS does not accept payment on behalf of readers, nor can CTS process payments or refunds.  All payments, reading arrangements and refund requests should be made directly with your reader.*

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