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We are a diverse group of Tarot enthusiasts in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.  Our members include everyone from fairly new hobby practitioners to experienced professionals, and individuals from all industries and parts of the world.  

The Capital Tarot Society is an excellent resource for tarot practitioners of all levels.  We meet monthly to discuss new topics and developments in the Tarot, continue our learning and education, practice our reading skills, and make friends among others who appreciate Tarot and similar interests.  We feature speakers at our meetings who discuss a variety of topics and also spend time practicing the tarot and engaging in friendly conversation.  For more information about what we do every month see our meetings page

We are not affiliated with any religious sect and we, as an organization, are politically neutral.  We encourage diversity of all kinds.  We only ask that those in attendance be respectful of others' spiritual and/or political views.

To get in touch with any questions about the group, website suggestions or announcements, e-mail our group facilitators at capitaltarot@gmail.com.

What do Members Gain from Being Part of the Capital Tarot Society? 
  • CTS is a great place to learn - Our members are great resources.  Our ranks include highly experienced readers, including some who read and/or teach tarot professionally.  Many of our members have unique skills and experience in other arts that they bring to the group and that can enhance our understanding of tarot.  Our meetings feature in-depth explorations that go well beyond basic tarot card meanings and new spreads.  Members frequently bring books and other resources to share with the group and meetings are also an excellent opportunity to pick up new styles, techniques and philosophical approaches.  Many of our members are also well versed in the history of tarot, including both ancient history and 20th century developments.
  • CTS is a great place to practice - Our culture is honest, kind, and encouraging.  It is always easy to find someone who will let you read for them, and our members are great at providing constructive feedback in a way that is effective but also sensitive.  Presentations also frequently involve an interactive component such as a tarot exercise, themed reading, new spread or special technique.
  • CTS is a great place to socialize - Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and vary greatly in style, philosophy, skill level and experience, and yet we all love tarot.  This means that each of us brings something new and personal to the practice.  It is also a bright group of people who share in common an interest in the esoteric arts, a desire for introspection, and an interest in helping others.  The group is friendly, welcoming, talkative and open-minded.
  • CTS is a great place to stay current - Members are always bringing in the latest deck, newest book, or some interesting tidbit about new goings on in the world of tarot.  You will get tips about new blogs, websites and listservs, local and not-so-local events, classes and area resources as well as new ideas and approaches to tarot.

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  1. I love your CTS I will be very proud to participed in your meetings


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