Meetings and Presentations

The Capital Tarot Society meets the first Saturday of every month (or the second Saturday if the first Saturday falls over a holiday weekend) for lunch and tarot from 12:30 to 4:00 PM.  Meetings begin with lunch and conversation.  The scheduled program for the day begins with group announcements, followed by a presentation or group activity.

In years past presentation topics have included tarot and magic, the Tarot de Marseilles, the Fool's Journey, tarot and the law, tarot and astrology, gender and tarot, tarot court cards and personality types, tarot and sound energy - and that's just a small sampling! You can see presentation topics from 2014 onward below.  Presentations frequently also involve group participation and/or a related tarot exercise. 

After the presentation wraps up members frequently stick around to continue discussing tarot and read for one another. 

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings please see our how to join page.

2018 Meeting Schedule:

January 6 - New Year Readings
February 3 - Exploring the Cups for Valentine's Day
March 3 - Reading the Stars: Astrology, the Tarot & the Wheel of Destiny
April 7 - Pattern Recognition Within the Rider Waite Smith Deck
May 5 - Achieving an Elevated Mental State Before Readings
June 2 - Tarot Speed Dating
July 7 - MBTI and the Court Cards
August 4 - Card Combinations and Multiples
September 8* - TBA
October 6 - Digital Divination
November 3 - Annual Craft and Rummage Sale
December 1 - Holiday Gift Exchange!

Past Meeting Topics


January - Synchronicity
February - The Sexy Side of Tarot
March - Reading Non-Scenic Pips
April - Play the Game of Tarot
May - Past Life Readings
June - Tarot Traditions Bingo
July - Tarot Speed Dating
August - Problem Pips
September - Crafting Journals
October - Widsom Readings with Free Reading
November - Craft Fair
December - Holiday Gift Exchange!


January - Name Tag Creation and Year Ahead Readings
February - No-Spread Readings
March - Impersonate the Cards
April - 1,254 Cards in the Deck
May - Tarot Jeopardy!
June - Painless Tarot Reversals
July - Tarot History
August - Tarot Q&A
September - Tarot Entertainment
October - Tarot and Other Oracle Games
November - Tarot and Herbs
December - Holiday Gift Exchange!


January - Name Tag Creation and Year Ahead Readings
February - Birth Cards - Types and Personality
March - Technology and Tarot
April - Create Your Own Mix & Match Deck
May - Major Arrangements
June - Tarot and Professional Ethics
July - Read for All: Group and Individual Readings for Members
August - Tarot Q&A
September - Tarot Archetypes and Sacred Contracts
October - Interpreting cards in relation to one another
November - Astrology Spreads
December - Holiday Gift Exchange!


January - New Year Spreads
February - Choose the Right Deck
March - Overview of 2013 Tarot Telesummit
April - Name Tags
May - Significators
June - Cold Readings: Reading for strangers and far away clients
July - The Tarot and LeNormand
August - Tarot Q&A
September - Mix and Match Readings
October - Tarot and the Law of Attraction: Making Your Wishes Come True
November - Day of the Dead
December - Holiday Gift Exchange!

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