Friday, September 9, 2016

Special Guest Presenter Geraldine Amaral This Month!

Because of the holiday last weekend this month's meeting is taking place tomorrow instead of the usual first Saturday of the month.

But that's not the only reason this month's meeting is special!  We will be welcoming guest presenter Geraldine Amaral, local tarot reading and teaching guru, to provide helpful information and pointers about tarot for entertainment purposes - i.e., how to read at parties and other festivities!

Geraldine's talk promises to be informative and hands-on.  She will be covering how to prepare for an event, best spreads to use, what to bring, how to charge for an event, various dos and don'ts, and ways to ensure that your presence at an event is a success.  Plus, attendees will have a chance to practice fast-paced mini readings.

This presentation is an updated repeat of a talk Geraldine gave to the group several years ago.  The discussion topic was so well-received and so helpful that we have no doubt it will be a helpful even to those members who were at the first presentation of this topic.

See you there!