Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tea and Tarot Initiative Kicking Off!

The Capital Tarot Society is proud to announce a new public education and outreach initiative titled "Tea and Tarot."  We will be reaching out to DC area businesses open to hosting a free Tea and Tarot event for their customers. 

During a Tea and Tarot event, a handful of CTS tarot readers will visit a local business, like a tea and coffee shop, and provide short readings free of charge to paying customers.  Businesses can advertise the event to their mailing lists and via their Facebook pages in order to draw customers.  We benefit because this is an opportunity to attract new CTS members as well as to educate the public about what tarot is really all about and correct some of the spookier misconceptions surrounding this fun, practical and uplifting practice.

If you are a DC area business owner or manager interested in hosting Tea and Tarot, please reach out to us at capitaltarot@gmail.com.

If you are a member of the public interested in attending a Tea and Tarot event, continue to follow this site as we will be posting announcements about upcoming Tea and Tarot times and locations, or you can check in directly at capitaltarot@gmail.com.