Thursday, January 21, 2016

Join us in February to Learn About Spreadless Readings!

Thanks to our wonderful member Paula January's name-tag decorating and new year spreads were amazing fun, as always.

In February, the presentation will focus on reading without a spread!

Reading without a spread can be either incredibly straightforward or incredibly in-depth; the difference between the two depends on how the reader approaches it.

This style of reading requires a significant reliance on the images of the cards themselves, regardless of whether they are pictorial or simple pips, and is an incredibly versatile method of reading.  It allows you to develop your intuition and stretch your understanding of the cards and how they interact.

Reading without a spread requires you to synthesize your knowledge of traditional card meanings, your intuition, and various elements of the tarot.  Using a variety of tools when you read can help you delve into the depth of the reading; these tools can also be applied to readings with spreads.

In this session, you will enjoy ample opportunity to practice using these tools in spreadless readings.

Please bring an interesting tarot deck to the meeting so that everyone will have a unique deck to read with.

If you would like to join us for our February 6 presentation on reading without a spread, but are not already a member, check out our How to Join page.  It's free!